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Discover our vast range of business development programmes and services to suit you and your business. There is something for everyone.

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Training & Coaching
Our Better Business Academy™ business coaches, mentors and trainers will show you how to think more strategically about your business...

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Upcoming Events
As a member of the Better Business Academy, you will have easy access to our regular business development training programmes and events.

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Working really hard but not breaking through to the next level?

Our business coaches, mentors and trainers have the tools, training and experience to help you take your business and life to the next level. It takes different thinking to achieve different results. Be better, achieve more!

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What We Offer

Annual Planning Day

Get your new year off to a great start and keep yourself and your business on track throughout the upcoming year. Facilitated by an experienced entrepreneur and strategic business coach, this practical business planning workshop offers business managers and owners a unique opportunity to create a strong plan for achieving more in the year ahead.

Coach Club Mastermind Programme

Add to your skills and lift your results in a positive, stimulating and supportive environment. Facilitated by an experienced business owner and coach. If you’re ready to lift your game and enjoy bigger results, you'll get great benefits from joining a Coach Club group, get in touch now.

Better Leadership Training course

Learn how to become a better leader in today’s challenging world of business. Our Better Leadership Training Course is a two-day programme designed to help business people develop their leadership skills using a practical and proven coach-approach. Facilitated by an experienced leader, coach and mentor of successful people in business.

Top Table® business growth (Mastermind) Programme

Grow your business and yourself while learning new ways to do better. You'll share the 12-month journey with seven (7) other non-competing business owners and an experienced business coach. It's a bit like having your own informal Advisory Board who come together for 1 day each month inside a unique growth and development environment.

Business Coaching, mentoring and workshops

Sometimes a little outside help is all you need to take your business to the next level. Our Better Business Academy™ coaches and mentors will show you how to think more strategically about your business and how to strike the right balance between a focus on the ‘Big Picture’ and taking action to achieve your business and personal goals.

What our clients say

  • Alison Storey
    Having a quality coach is crucial for anyone who wants to be a top performer in any area, be it sport, business or whatever. Having Geoff as my Coach/Mentor has lead to me being able to leave my business in my team’s capable hands more often and I now have more time to train, travel and help high performance athletes achieve their goals, which I love. It was definitely a good move. (Alison is also a respected High Performance Athlete, Coach and Selector. Ed)
    Alison Storey, Director, Storey Sport
  • Karen Ross
    I'd recommend coaching to any business owner wanting to take the reigns back, get clear direction and a way forward. My coach was able to help me focus on the big picture, as well as deal with details as and when needed and I most appreciated the way he met me at my bus stop, so to speak - with a down to earth and holistic approach to running a business. A great support!
    Karen Ross, Director, Start with You Ltd
  • Jarrad
    I wanted to learn more about leadership and move away from being a Manager to becoming a Leader. What I learned and the extra tools I now have in my toolbox makes me feel very confident that I can move in that direction and do that now. I have no hesitation in recommending the Better Leadership Training to any leader or manager who wants to be better.
    Jarrad Cossey, General Manager, Acorn Building Supplies
  • Steve Lee
    Wow, I’m stoked two coaching clients!! The Business Coach training course and support through the IndeCoach membership programme has given me the confidence to do that – to fill the gaps where my own personal experience and skills don’t quite stretch to.  Awesome!!!
    Steve Lee, Director / Consultant, Spearhead Sales and Marketing
  • Pete Norris
    What was interesting about the coaching was that you got me to do the work. I didn't really understand how much impact that would have until I went through the coaching process. What that did was challenge my thinking and got me spending more time "on" the business rather than "in" the business and I know it's a cliche, but it's true. My quality of life is much better, I've got more balance and my business is going really well too. All of that was born out of the coaching work we did. Definitely a worthwhile investment.
    Pete Norris – Keystone Advice Group